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Turning blind eyes - austin jones and the bootheel boys

This is the full length debut album for Austin Jones and The Bootheel Boys. This project has been a big part of my life since 2014 and I'm excited to be able to share our record with you.  I played on and mixed this record.  I'm featured on "Whiskey and Women" and "Rye Whiskey"

“Whiskey and Women” follows, wearing a groove from Chicago to Memphis and back again with its blistering hot horns, rhythmic shuffle and Jones’ howling delivery. A pealing saxophone solo gives voice to the tune’s good-time grief.

“I tried being single and I tried drinking gin / Oh but Lord have mercy, I didn’t like either of them,” Jones sings near the end of the cut, showcasing the record’s wry, weathered sense of humor.

Alexander brings this album highlight to a close with a wicked solo. Early and often, he imprints the record with jazz-informed licks that lend contour and color, and brings technical acumen to Jones’ more free-flowing approach without ever quenching his spirit.

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Rye Whiskey by Austin Jones and the bootheel boys

This version of Rye Whiskey was tracked in July 2016 at Szkolka Studios in Columbia, Mo.  I acted as the recording engineer, as well as producer and electric guitar player on the track.  

To the water - Robin Anderson

This track was recorded in the June 2017 as part of Robin Anderson's debut album at Szkolka Studios in Columbia, Mo.  Not only did I play on the entire record (minus The Piano), I worked with Robin in the studio to help develop the songs.  I also did all mixing in my home studio after the tracking process was finished. 

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