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January 2018 started off quick with a radio interview with Monica Senecal Palmer on her weekly radio show Speaking of the Arts on KOPN in Columbia, Mo. 

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Columbia Tribune, NICHE: Caleb Alexander

Music tugged at Alexander early; he dabbled on piano and guitar at a young age, knowing he wanted to live a musical life long before his chops caught up.

Alexander’s father bought him a proper guitar as he transitioned into high school. Lessons on the instrument, and the satisfying challenges found in a high school music theory course, confirmed his early suspicions about what life would look — and sound — like.

Early playing focused on country and blues; at Alexander’s first guitar lesson, his instructor said “I can teach you to play the guitar or I can teach you to be a musician. Which one do you want to do?”

Read the full article from the Columbia Tribune here.

Photo curtesy of Sarah Bell and the Columbia Tribune.

Photo curtesy of Sarah Bell and the Columbia Tribune.