Professional Musician




It all started in a Jeep.

If you were to ask Caleb who is favorite guitar player is you would get the same answer today that you would have gotten ten years ago: Stevie Ray Vaughn.  "Dad would always play three CDs whenever we went on a road trip in his Jeep Grand Wagoneer: SRV's "Greatest Hits", Hall and Oats "Abandoned Luncheonette" , and Little Feat's "Waiting For Columbus - Live".   As I got older I appreciated the second two more, but man, "House is A' Rockin" and "Little Wing" really turned me onto the guitar."  It was a few years later that Caleb found an old guitar in a closet under the stairs and his journey began.

Having completed a Masters of Jazz Pedagogy and Performance at the University of Missouri in May 2017, Caleb Alexander specializes in guitar lessons in multiple styles for all levels of player.  Caleb is passionate about teaching students not only to play their instrument but also understand the music they are playing.   Beyond guitar, Caleb is also available for lessons in jazz improvisation, audio engineering, and for studio and live performance sessions.

Caleb also teaches at Westminster College, where he offers guitar lessons.

In addition to teaching Caleb is available for hire as a studio musician and engineer and also plays with multiple bands in Columbia, Mo.  Some highlights include: Austin Jones and the Bootheel Boys, the Jazz Guitar Trio Debonair Dinosaur, and singer-songwriter Merry Ellen Kirk.