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Austin Jones and The Bootheel Boys

Austin Jones and The Bootheel boys are a blues band based in Columbia, Missouri.  Their unique blend of roots, Delta, Texas, and Chicago blues distills into a high-energy blend of Americana.  Each one of the Bootheel Boys brings their personal musical history to enrich the American stories told by Austin Jones’ lyrics. blues band bob dylan electric guitar


          Austin Jones and The Bootheel Boys are a blues band, through-and-through.  To them, that means not only understanding how personal stories merge with tradition to create new and preserve the old – it means dealing in the emotions of that history, with how the meaning of the stories and lives mingle with the sound of the music itself. And when they meet in their hometown of Columbia, Missouri, their special blend of Americana – from the Delta to Chicago to Texas and back – unites Austin Jones’s lyrics with those stories, the kind that truly make you want to dance. Or cry for home. Or – if it really works – both.

           Raised in St. Louis – one of the greatest of blues cities – Austin Jones had already begun to write and perform as a freshman in high school, seizing every opportunity to perform. Once established, his first inspiration was to form and re-form the Bootheel Boys for every gig, an idea pulled from the be-bop music he grew up with. Soon enough, however, Austin had graduated and was in need of something more permanent to suit his focus.

            So it was in 2016 that the Bootheel Boys lineup truly solidified. With the addition of guitarist Caleb Alexander and drummer Jacob Somerscales – already familiar with each other from various other projects – Austin finally had the texture and musicianship he need to really make his stories move. Then came Greg Aker, a one-man horn section whose subtle punctuations added powerful dynamic to a growing sound; and bassist Isaac Vandyne who, after sitting in for a gig last-minute, finally gave the band a true foundation. Together, these Bootheel Boys gave Jones’s project a new life that shows no sign of stopping.

           Austin Jones and The Bootheel Boys released their debut record "Turning Blind Eyes" on June 9,  2018. Keep up to date with the band on their WebsiteFacebook page, as well as on Twitter at @AJandtheBhB. More music can be found on their BandCamp.